Reduce your carbon footprint

An Appeal to fellow Aquarists

“Low carbon footprint”, a valuable “new concept” that is quiet recently coined and circulated, embodies a lot of different things from different dimensions. Is this idea a new invention of the humankind, which will enable preservation of the living world for future generations or is it just a self-realisation of the mankind about its straying away from the path of sustainable living, of the past.

In the recent past, up until about the 19th Century CE, sustainable living was not just a concept, but was a way of everyday life. But after the advent of the industrial-era, man started changing things rapidly, ever more burning fossil fuel, altering, adulterating, and decimating natural environments, genetically modifying things and on the whole resulting in climate changes and deterioration of overall human and the planet’s health. Man needs to relearn the forgotten concept of sustainable living.

Each and every player in the aquarium industry should embrace this new concept and endeavour to educate themselves with newer and sustainable methods and practices in production and maintenance aquariums. Using low footprint materials, energy efficient pumps and equipment, measurement and control equipment that predict and prevent emergencies thereby avoiding loss of valuable live stock, in filtration methods prefering more of “slower” biological-remedition techniques rather than quick but inefficient comparable methods, if collecting in the wild using only sustainable techniques like totally avoiding cyanide fishing, and not the least -educating the maintenance personnel and consumers about the proper aquarium care techniques.

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